College Students

Historically, the Bellows-Brown church of Christ has enjoyed the fellowship of college students who have dedicated themselves to serving the Lord.  We are encouraged when those who have moved into the area to further their secular education remember they are spiritual beings who belong to Christ.  Past and present students have been actively involved in bible classes, worship and various fellowship activities.  It is our desire to have you feel welcome and treat you as family.  You will be given opportunities to not only attend, but lead those of every age group through your example as we strive to do the same.  We are praying that you will make wise decisions as you grow your intellect and that you will “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” – Matthew 5:16.

The following opportunities are waiting for you to use and develop your talents;

  • College Bible Study        Sundays at 10am  Relevant discourse to aide your daily life of fighting the good fight.
  • Worship              Sundays at 11am & 2pm               

 Our meeting times to worship include communion, prayer, acapella singing, giving and a sermon.  Our focus is on serving God and giving Him the praise and attention that only He deserves.  Your attendance will be an encouragement to us and your sacrifice will be rewarded by God.   Many young male students have lead in worship including song leading and even preaching.

  • Adopt-A-Student             Get attached to a family and they will take you in as much or as little as you want.  This program allows bonds to be made that will last a lifetime between students and members of the Lord’s body in central Michigan.  We want to be your extended family and will get as much out of it as you!
  • CMU Mainstage               Each year thousands of CMU students attend the event. This is a tremendous opportunity for both students and the Mount Pleasant community to get to know each other.  In addition, it's a great way for all students to "connect" to all the great organizations and offices that CMU has to offer.  Introduce others to the Lord and His church!
  • Youth Programs               Work with our younger members and mentor them in dedication to the Lord.  Your experience may help someone who is going through something and vice-versa.
  • Clothes Give-Away         Our annual clothes give-away allows us to assist those in the community who are in need—both physically and spiritually.